National Institute Of Construction Management And Research (NICMAR)

NICMAR Pune, a non-profit organisation was started with the sole purpose of training professionals for the development of the construction, real estate, infrastructure and project management industry. A pioneering institute of its own kind, NICMAR has witnessed phenomenal growth since its inception in 1984. Now NICMAR has campuses in Pune, Hyderabad, Delhi, Goa with overseas training centres in Dubai and Bahrain.

Technikala 2019

Technikala 2019, the annual inter college techno-cultural fest of NICMAR Pune will span over a period of 3 days, from 8th February 2019 to 10th February 2019. The event is an amalgamation of technical and cultural events, all curated to encourage and develop the next generation. The distinctive trademarks of any Technikala event across the past several years have been to indulge in several diversified events ranging from pro-shows, musical nights, technical events, dance performances, literary and design activities apart from an array of informal events. To make this event the biggest and best of its kind, we have partnered with some of the biggest names in the entertainment industry who have outlined past Technikala events with their presence.This year's theme is Every Story Matters.Everyone is unique. They all have unique stories to tell. Some are happy, some are sad, some are exciting while some are scary. No more of 'my story is just ordinary' or 'nothing special has ever happened to me' lines.Stories Matter! All Of Them.Let's use the power of stories to influence and inspire, for your stories may influence change across the globe. The feelings that we hold, our dreams and likings, the regret of our past decisions, our ambitions faded under the haze of expectations are all stories finding their way out to be expressed! Let's unveil the magical stories that are still buried deep inside all of us.

Technikala 2018 Aftermovie